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Saving budget on your beautiful wedding flowers?

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Hello all,

It’s been a while since I had written a post – due to the crazy wedding seasons in 2015 & 2016… Studio renovations…  setting up floral design classes in a few locations…

And today, I feel like communicating with  our brides, friends, customers, fans.. whosoever… that loves flowers and decorations!

Today I would want to give you some tips on  how to save your cost on wedding flowers. As a floral consultant,I understand that everyone’s got a budget. I love to tell my bride to be smart on choosing the right flowers for their weddings.

Following are some tricks to cut cost when it comes to your wedding flowers:

  1. Discuss your budget with your florist:

    Be up-front with your florist about your budget on wedding flowers. Try to tell your florist as much info as you can – based on your wedding style, color palette, theme. Your florist should be able to choose the blooms that make the most sense based on your budget.

  2. Use local flowers in season

    I have heard many many September brides hoping to have Peonies as their wedding flower. Sorry. They are not in season and they are extremely costly when we order them from another countries. Consider using flowers in season is a very important tip when planning what you should get. Using flowers locally will also guarantee the freshest blooms.

  3. Consider using foliage or fillers

    Adding greens and fillers in your arrangement will definitely lower your cost! However, make sure your florist would use budget friendly foliage and fillers. Some greens and fillers could be very costly!

  4.  Use big blooms

    Hydrangea will cost you more than regular roses, but they will make a much grander statement in your floral arrangements. Using large blooms means you need fewer of them!

  5. Reuse your flowers

    Wedding Ceremony usually takes only 20 – 30mins. You do not want to spend thousands of dollar decorating the ceremony venue just for picture purposes. Try to think of reusing your blooms somewhere else. I would recommend people reusing their tall centerpieces on pedestals at their ceremony site. You might also want to consider reusing your pew ends on your cake table.

    IMG_3200 IMG_3922


Well brides, are you having flowers at your wedding? If so, how are you making sure your are staying in your budget? Let us know in the comments! For NYC brides, feel free to take our floral arrangement classes if you are thinking to DIY [For talented brides only!!], or even schedule a consultation with us to discuss your floral needs.

Until next time…



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