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6 Reasons NOT to DIY on your BIG DAY

DIY Fail
Most brides have their wedding dreams – a beautiful gown, gorgeous venue, great foods, friends and family, a pretty bouquet, a fancy place card table…
As a wedding floral designer, I have heard a lot of brides saying, “I can make my own centerpieces and bouquets! My mom can help me with the boutonnieres… My cousins are going to set them up at the reception.” One of the obvious reason many brides try to DIY is to save their money on their flowers and rather spend the money on their venue or gowns… And making their own bouquets or centerpieces sound so cool…

Here are some misconceptions and points many brides have about flowers and sometimes it’s just so much better to leave the flowers up to the professionals:

1. I found a great wholesale deal online
Sometimes flowers may not be arriving on time. And sometimes flowers may not be arriving perfectly – so your flowers might not be blooming on your big day, or they might be wilted the night before your wedding.

2. I can buy my own vases and flowers that will look exactly the same as the florists
There are so many different varieties and color tones. Flowers from different farms may also look different. Your professional florist will know what exactly to use for your big day. I have heard a bride stayed up all night before just to fix her flowers because some flowers died. A professional florist has professional tools and equipments to control the vase life of flowers.

3. I want to save money
A professional florist can deliver beautiful centerpieces and bouquets at a reasonable price. Buying retail flowers and arranging on your own may only save you 20% at max over a good professional florist.

4. My cousins can help me with the set up
It’s your big day and you want everyone to enjoy your wedding party! Please, do not have your cousins setting up those heavy vases with waters in their nice suit. Let them enjoy and make your wedding worth remembering!

5. I love the natural wild flower look, so I pick flowers from my own garden for my own wedding
I love wild flowers too, but I have seen some DIY wild flower wedding arrangements that look more like weed patches than freshly picked wild bouquets


6. Flowers never last. I do not want to waste money on them.
Yes. This is true. Wedding flowers do not last, but they do make a lasting impression on your guests and are forever in the photos. Think about what’s going to happen when you are taking photos with guests – holding a wilted bouquet .. Think about what’s going to happen when your guests sitting on tables with mismatched centerpieces.

If you are looking to save money and be more creative, design for your holiday events, family dinners, but not to take the stress and risk of designing your wedding flowers.

A professional florist will always recommend substitutions for budget brides. Remember, you only get married once, and you deserve the best!

Winny @ All Season Floral Design

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