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Asking your girl friends to be your bridesmaids…

Today I want to show you, the bride-to-be, some fun ways to ask your girl friends to be part of your bridal party.

So, now you are engaged. You are planning on your wedding and try to think of a list of girl friends that you want them to become part of your bridal party…

They are very important to you, the bride, as they are the ones to help you plan your bridal shower & bachelorette party, make sure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day, give speeches and toasts at your reception… etc. It seems like they have a lot of duties. However, most importantly, you want them to enjoy being your maid of honor(s) or bridesmaid(s)! It’s not enough to just ask them via the phone, text message, or email anymore… More brides are showing up in romantic and dramatic ways!

What are the fun ways to invite them to be your maid of honors or bridesmaids? Check them out below:

(1) Send them “Will you be my bridesmaid” cookie gift sets


The above “Will you be my bridesmaid” cookie gift set is from Eleni’s New York. They are adorable and decorated with hand-iced sugar. This is a creative idea and I am sure you will bring surprises to them! A gift set comes with 3 cookies costs $24.5.

(2) Leave your notes inside the “macarons: in this cute box



If they love macarons, this will be the best gift for them! The above macarons are actually treat boxes where you can store jewelry, love notes, and other treasures! Put your messages into each boxes and I’m sure they will definitely say “YES I DO” right away! They are from Layla Grayce. A box of 12 “macarons” costs $110.

(3) Drink it up! Give them a bottle… The custom ones!


First of all, you have to purchase wines that they love. Then, you go onto their facebook profile to download their photos and print out these custom wine bottle labels with your colors, names, photos, and date. When you get the printed labels, put it on the bottles and I’m sure they would love these bottles.

You may print the bottle labels with $30 (for 5) on:

(4) Send them something every girl loves – FLOWERS



You might want to DIY bouquets for your girls. Purchase some flowers (or even fillers) from your local florist and wrap them in craft papers (or even newspapers!). Before you wrap the bouquets, write your messages on the papers where your girl friends can see when they unwrap the bouquets.


More fun ways? Discover more ideas on google!



Winny @ All Season Floral Design













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